Should we bring back Viking Period?

Could the extra period be beneficial for students to catch up on work and check in with teachers?


Kaylee Krause

Time to prep for finals! Mr. Flanders and senior Arielle Paris take time in class to catch up before finals week begins. Flex Period has also helped other schools and students prepare for finals without having time taken from class reviews. “It would be great to have time to work with individuals during the school day other than our already assigned class periods,” said Mr. Flanders.

Kaylee Krause, Photographer

In previous years here at LSHS, we had what was called Viking Period or more recently Flex Period. During these periods teachers covered the student handbook, 13 year plan and digital citizenship. Other schools have used the concept of a Flex Period to give students an extra period to catch up on work and see teachers for help. 

“I am all for a Viking Period or Flex Period where students get to bond with their teachers and have one-on-one communitcation with teachers or counselors,” said Mrs. Smethers, a careers teacher here at LSHS.  

During the school day we spend about 55 minutes in each class, which includes getting settled in, hearing intro to the day, and getting through the lesson.

With an average of 20-30 students in each class there is not always time for each student that needs individual help to get it. Because of this, students end up having to come in before or after school for extra help. Coming in before school doesn’t allow much time to talk to teachers unless the student and teacher come in at least 30 minutes early and that would only be for one student. Coming in after school is not always possible for students or teachers either. 

“For me it would have been super beneficial to have the time during school to see my teachers and get work done because I don’t normally have time to stay after school or a way to get here early before school,” senior Lily Garcia said.

Most high school students have jobs to support themselves, especially seniors who have turned 18. There are teachers that have children or also have other commitments after school. 

“I definitely wouldn’t mind having a time during the day designated as sort of a study hall. I think it would be a good time for kids to take a breather through the day, get some individual help, or use a computer or printer,” math teacher Mr. Flanders said. 

Instituting a new Flex Period could absolutely be beneficial for Lake Stevens High School raising grades and the yearly graduation rate.