The best parts about Viking spirit at LSHS

Having school pride rewards and grows our school community.


Makenna Sanders

Let’s! Go! Lake! Lake Stevens Vikings Superfans preparing for the first playoff football game. All the students showed their spirit by being in viking gear. “There so much fun with alot of energy!”

Christine Cannal , Staff Reporter

Having pride in your school is an amazing thing to experience, whether it is participating in clubs, buying Viking gear at the Cove, or involving yourself in things such as musicals or sports. Our community is always growing and changing, but Viking pride never leaves.  


Having Viking pride can mean gaining a sense of community and belonging, which is something special about LSHS. 


“It’s very united. I feel like it really helps not just for learning music but it helps with different types of problems,” sophomore Ellie Behn said. “I like Lake Stevens High School because no one really messes with each other, we all have a mutual understanding that we’re all (the school) under construction and we just have to get to our classes.”


Ellie also uses the Superfan app for points when she goes to games. The app is a special addition at LSHS that allows students to get information about clubs, check into events to get points, and cash in those points for rewards. 


Participating in events hosted by our school helps support not only LSHS but the community as well. Giving to canned food drives helps feed the less fortunate during the winter months, and attending plays like ‘Godspell’ helps support our growing drama department.