LSHS Drama Club opens “Godspell”

Cast entertains with their talent


Makenna Sanders

Action! The play is open and these amazing actors are doing an amazing job in their performances: Claryn Langerveld, Brandon Himple, Austin Kime, Leatha Dunkin, Savannah Anderson, Abbey Barney, Morgan Simpson, Delani Spainhower, Ella Balan, Ryan Van Der Put. “What an amazing musical!” Elise Kyes said.

Makenna Sanders, Photographer

It’s showtime! The musical has finally opened! And yes, it was as amazing as someone would expect. Seeing different ways of how students show their talent is what makes high school fun and interesting. Interviewing the audience itself is very cool because of different perspectives.  

What is this play about? It’s about Jesus and his teaching to a group of kids about how to believe in God, while also following the storyline of how Jesus died. It’s a very moving play due to the acting. The actors Claryn Langerveld, Brandon Himple and Austin Kime stood out by doing an amazing job, putting smiles on the audience’s faces. They were so funny! Langerveld did hilarious impressions of famous people in today’s society. Himple was funny in his interactions with the other cast members. Also, the actresses Leatha Dunkin and Savannah Anderson brought on the sass!  

Now, the singing was…wow! Chills! The whole cast had amazing vocals, especially Abbey Barney, Morgan Simpson, Delani Spainhower and Ella Balan, and Ryan Van Der Put can really sing as well! The rest of the cast had an amazing voice that pulled the whole play together. 

“I liked how interactive the play was. I mean like with the audience and the band, it was really interesting,” junior Elise Kyes, an audience member, said. 

Kyes hasn’t been to many plays or musicals; however, she loved this experience of seeing “Godspel”l. Kyes also talked about how good the singing was and said it gave her chills every time the actors hit that high note. It’s no question other members of the audience felt the same way. 

“It was so funny but also very serious also, which puts a different aspect on it, ” junior Lea Bullens, also in the audience, said.  

Bullens was not expecting the musical to be funny at all because it sounds like a serious kind of musical. Yet, she was happily surprised which was evident as she was laughing throughout the performance. 

The musical really taps into different emotions: sadness, laughter and stunned. Sadness because of the.. death scene… and the laughter because of all the other moments that were hilarious; stunned because, well, the singing was again just amazing! 

So, if you’re going to take anything out of this, it would be to see the musical before it’s too late! Yes, it’s worth it. The singers are definitely going places after high school as they have tremendous talent! 

As a fellow actress myself, I really appreciate musicals and plays like this, especially from our school. What an amazing musical, cast and crew!