High School Construction Impacts Students

Students share their experiences with the making of the new building on campus.


The once proud standing statue of the Lake Stevens High School campus surrounded by the aftermath of construction.

Kieran Diezi, Section editor

The construction of our school is one of the most exciting things to the students as a whole. The three-story building towers over the original buildings that have been in Lake Stevens since most of us remember. Most of the time, it gives students a sense of wonder when seeing just how far we have gone from our previous buildings.


The new building inspires happiness and despite being necessary is also welcomed. 


“Just knowing that either we’re going to experience the new building during our senior year or just the new sophomores coming in after we graduate will be experiencing it. That just really makes me happy,” sophomore Hannah Love said.


Despite being the future of our high school years, the construction also provides ample distraction for our students and staff. With any construction site, there have been loud machinery, hammering and alarm testing during quiet class periods, and the variety of routes get in the way of our daily routines to move from class to class.


What do students think about distractions? 


“I had band camp and there was a jackhammer going off the whole time and we couldn’t hear and it was so loud and it was so annoying,” sophomore Dylan Carrol said.