Cast is on The Peak of Hard Work on Godspell.

LSHS drama club prepares for a fall musical everyday after school and share their love to theatre


Kamila Almaz

Ryan van der Put, Warren Langerveld, Delani Spainhower, Ella Balan, Savannah Anderson, Leatha Dunkin, Morgan Simpson

Kamila Almaz, Staff Reporter

The audition for Godspell at the beginning of the school year brought us ten incredible actors and actresses who will interpret the story on stage. 

“Godspell” is a musical composed by Stephen Schwartz with the book by John-Michael Tebelak. Jesus teaches a group of followers various lessons through song and dance. Everything changes when Jesus is betrayed by Judas.

Director Mindy Marks works every day with the cast and crew after school. They work hard to make production as best as they can. 

“These are the nicest people that I’m working with. These kids are so kind and so hard-working, and they really want to make this work. More than that they want to make it a joy as experience so it’s hard work with absolute love, joy and respect to each other. It’s phenomenal and I don’t say that lately,” Marks shared her feelings about the cast and an atmosphere at the rehearsals. 

Students love the Drama Club and share their opinions as well.  

“Theatre is special for me. It’s a big part of my life. It’s something powerful and it really changes people. I’ve always loved theatre. I grew up watching my siblings playing on the stage. Here I found not just friends but life long friends you know. We all come together to make something beautiful, something that brings people joy and smile,” Abbey Barney said. 

One of the most unusual things in this production is that a girl is going to play Jesus. 

“Actually, Jesus is a male character, but now I ended up being Jesus. I was in shock, very excited and very nervous, but I will do my best to impress an audience!” Barney said. 

“Theatre specifically is a home of sorts. This is just a great environment. We have a lot of people of lots of different walks of life. Everybody is just trying to survive in a high school, so we’re all in the same boat. We became a family. Also, I’ve been involved in previous productions and it’s kind of addictive in a sense, so I just came back and auditioned for another one. My sister forced me to go to my first audition and after I got into the show from there it was a rush,”  junior Ryan van der Put shared. 

“Theatre is just something I love to do after school and it saves me from the bad day. It kind of helps me to make my day. I like acting and I also wanted to improve my singing skills so here I got an opportunity to practice and learn it. It’s a new world and dealing with new people and characters, ” class? Austin Kime said. 

Students of drama club keep working hard and they have some advice for those who would love to try themselves on the stage.

Advice from Ryan: 

“The end of a result that I have in my mind motivates me. Shyness is something that everybody deals with. It’s kind of a therapy, you just have to do it!”

Advice from Austin: 

“Auditions are key. Number one thing you want is confidence, second thing you want is a hard work and the third thing is a talent. But the first two things are most important! You need to practice your words like a million times. It changes you. Do more steps, take risks!” 

Vikings, let’s support our impressive actors and actresses, hardworking crew and teachers, don’t miss a play, stay tuned to learn the dates when they will be announced. 

No life without drama! The drama club produces 2 performances a year, a musical in the fall and a play in the spring. They received attention from the audience so the play has increased popularity and expectation.