Cove deals and opening for the 2019-2020 year.

Market managing students are prepping for the school season.


Corsen Siconolfi

Ready for customers: The Cove, staffed by students Katherine Skelly, Madi Boyles, Hope Barcus, Kaeden Regello, Laura Constantine, Alyssa Coates, Tayden Irelan, Kimberlyn Blume, Nika Perez, Heather Moss, Steven Garett, Trenton Gerry, Hannah Gibson, Hunter Patchett, Riley Thompsen, Caden Jackson, Hunter O'Conner, Micah Close, Isaac Aylor, Jeremy Ross, Carson Schoenwald, Riley Pollardo and Mattias Lewis, is now open for business. They have been preparing their list of products up until now to sell what the students want. “These three years I’ve been at the cove I have learned so much and enjoyed working at the cove” said Aleski Struthers.

Jake Kirkland, Section Editor

The Cove is a place where students at Lake Stevens High School can buy drinks, food, and accessories. The vibe during class periods is a bit quiet as few students go in.

But during lunch”, the vibe is thunderous with students from lunch buying whatever the Cove has.

The cove consists of many foods and drinks such as chocolate chip cookies M&M cookies, pizza, and quesadillas. The cove also has beverages such as coffee, red ball chargers and even sparkling waters.

The cove also sells Viking gear such as class T-shirts, sweatshirts, and sweats. The cove also provides its staff with an opportunity to learn future skills about customer service..

Each month the cove adds new products and deals.said Alexsi”. The cove opened October 3, 2019 and are ready to serve their customers with a variety of products.