College Credit Offered in High School

Lake Stevens High School offers students college credits through high school classes.


Talen Anderson

Your Future Now: Local colleges of Washington state accept college credit that students obtain when attending high school classes. Students who attended the High School and Beyond Night were able to pick up information about College in the High School. “Most all colleges accept the credit, but how they accept the credit can be different, like you could get elective credit instead of a social studies credit or elective credit,” Counselor Angela Riebli said.

Talen Anderson, Staff Reporter

As the school year begins, students are already looking towards their futures beyond graduation. A prime step in many kids’ near future is college. Luckily for them, Lake Stevens High School through Everett Community College and University of Washington offer college credits to students as they attend their regular high school courses. 

Students consider this offer as a serious opportunity to achieve their futures sooner, and as a way of dealing with handling the stresses of college, but in a controlled high school environment.

“I’m taking college in high school, so I can get done with it now while I’m in high school instead of having to worry about it while in college,” senior Anika Loverink said.

When contemplating college, many think about the price tag that comes with it. When utilizing the college credit offered at Lake Stevens High School, students save anywhere from $167-$317 per credit? Per class?  Look up the tuition if you don’t know and where is this number coming from?, or more if their plan is to attend more prestigious schools.

“Since you’re doing credits in high school instead of a four- year institution, it’s a lot cheaper than spending hundreds of dollars per quarter in college,” senior Lily O’brien said.

The school offers numerous classes that each give college credits for attending their high school classes, and finding information on these courses is very easy.

“There are a variety of business and marketing classes, child care classes, math, history, and English. There is a ton and students can find this information in a couple different places like the student handbook,” Associate Principal Dan Alderson said. 

As the first application deadline on October 21 approaches, be sure to speak with your assigned counselor to discuss possible college credit offered here at Lake Stevens High School.