Being a junior: Tips & Tricks

How to survive junior year


Emma Crumley

Juniors Rayna Gaillardet and Cheyenne Kriede study for their finals together to make the process easier and less stressful. They focused on helping each other and spending time with one another. “Having Cheyenne to study with really helps me deal with the stress of finals. I also have her to help me when I’m confused about something,” Gaillardet said.

Emma Crumley, Copy Editor

Everyone says that junior year is the hardest. For me personally, it definitely was compared to sophomore year. This article is meant to help those who don’t know how to handle the stress of being a junior. Junior year is seen as the most important year in high school because this is the year to show what students have to offer. I spent my junior year trying to take classes to help my college application look better like taking AP US History and Advanced Sports Medicine. In doing that, I definitely made the year harder for myself, but I don’t regret taking either of those classes because both of them allowed me to become a better student and to have better time management.

For some tips, take enjoyable classes. For students who don’t like history, AP History is not the class to take even though it might look better for colleges in the future. Most students who take classes that they like, tend to do better in their class because they understand and enjoy what is being discussed. Try to focus on classes that might help for the future, and try to find a group of friends to form a study group to make the stress of tests and quizzes decrease.

“I think that taking classes that I enjoyed made the year a lot more fun even though it was still stressful,” junior Hannah Conway said.

During my year as a junior, the hardest thing I dealt with was procrastination for assignments, and it’s difficult for anyone to break that habit, but starting from the beginning of the year, try to work on turning in assignments on time. Doing that from the start can help for the entire school year. For classes like Chemistry and Algebra 2, it’s important to pay attention when the teacher is talking. For students who might be confused or be having trouble trying to figure out what is being taught, asking questions is key. Don’t be afraid to stay after school or ask teachers for clarification.

“The hardest thing that I dealt with in junior year was taking the SAT and preparing for college,” junior Jadyen Parke said.

When preparing for the SAT, the best thing to do is get a SAT preparation book and try to take the online tests to practice. There is also a class offered at the school to take to make the process a little easier. The best thing to do for junior year is to make it fun! Yes, it might be a stressful year, but it’s important to make good memories along the way that will last a lifetime.