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Make a good impression on colleges


Nadia Tucey

SAY CHEESE: Sophomores Gunnar France, Olivia Kunaschk, Carson Jackson, Sydney Hanson, Lauren Schulz, and Liam Palmer pose for a photo like the ones seen on the covers of college pamphlets. These students were excited for the end of the year coming up. “It’s been a long year of studying and prepping for the rest of my life, and now I can take a few months off and relax,” Schulz said.

Nadia Tucey, A&E Editor

Everyone knows what comes after high school: more school. Getting into a good college is ultimately what many students strive for, and they spend their high school years making that opportunity more likely. There are many subtle ways to make a college application more impressive and stand out against the others.


Extra volunteer hours

It’s a requirement to get 45 hours of community service in order to graduate at LSHS, but getting more hours may be beneficial. Many colleges are more impressed by students who get 20-30 hours of community service every year, or a total of 60-90 hours.


Focus on one thing

There’s a myth that colleges look for well-rounded students with many activities. While this is also notable to colleges, zooming in on one activity, one aspect of high school life, also looks extremely good. For example, if a track athlete puts their all into track, cross country, etc., colleges will take note of this. Or, if a photography student takes photography, yearbook, and does out-of-school activities that involve photography, it shines a light on that student’s determination and loyalty to his goals.


Track your social media

Colleges love to see someone who is active in the community and mature in their posts. Make sure to never post anything you wouldn’t want a college board seeing, because they will see it. Posting inappropriate things or uploading videos and pictures that may come off as scandalous or immature is never the route to go. Keep it safe.


Know the school

Schools are always impressed if applicants know about their school. Learn its history, mission statement, goals and values, and even faculty. This will give applicants an extra boost and help stand out amongst the crowd.


Provide evidence

Colleges love to see what applicants love to do, and proof of it is even more admirable. Sending in things like a website for tech-connoisseurs or a clip of a musical performance from a musician may give an applicant that leg-up. It’s always helpful to help colleges see what it is their students will be taking part in at their school.


Getting into that dream school may seem difficult or even impossible to some, but with these tips, it can make that dream even more of a reality. Colleges want students who show pride, determination, and excellence in their work. The students who show these things through their social media or extra volunteer hours are more likely to get in. Let’s create a brighter future now.