Students honored at annual CTE Award breakfast

CTE Department presents awards to high achieving students in technical fields

Harrison Orr, Staff Photographer

Careers in Technical Education are the foundation of innovation. Whether it is the art of digital design, the production of film, or the delights of cooking, CTE is where it starts. Every year in Lake Stevens, teachers award the best students in their CTE field for being the best of the best. Here are some of the students that won this year.

Senior Carson Fatland, the award winner in the Video Production category for his excellence in filming, has been one of the reasons why assemblies run smoothly and why VTV has become a prominent feature of this school year. Any other filmmaker would love to be in Carson’s shoes, not because of him, but because of the experience.

“I worked hard at filming and I loved what I am doing, and I’m super passionate and hit the grind until I won the award,” Fatland said.

Another winner for the CTE awards is senior Gabriella Watts, the Culinary award winner. She is an amazing chef in the kitchen and intends to take her skills to the top.

“I got the CTE Culinary Prep Student of the Year, and I got that because I’ve been in culinary for three years, and I’ve been helping out and working really hard. I’m the catering manager, and I’ve been with Mrs. Boyden for a long time, so she gave me that award. I am actually looking into becoming a teacher like Mrs. Boyden. I would either teach here or anywhere that has culinary,” Watts said.

Watch out Gordon Ramsay, Watts is out to dethrone anyone who dares to challenge her in any culinary competition.

The CTE awards are significant, and the people to receive them deserve them as a result of their hard work.  See the list below for a complete this of this year’s winners.


2019 CTE Student of the Year Award Winners

  • Design and Marketing:  freshman Dominic Hatcher-Thomassen
  • Family and Consumer Science: senior Abigail Hutchens
  • Video Production: senior Carson Fatland
  • Family and Consumer Science: senior Kaylie Bracy
  • AP Photography: senior Paige Thibaut
  • Family and Consumer Science: senior Gabriella Watts
  • Design and Model Marketing: freshman Ruby Pfeifer
  • CTE Directors Award- Digital Electronics: sophomore Aspen Coats
  • Forensics: senior Ingrid Larson
  • Work Based Learning: senior Jeremiah Smith
  • Digital Electronics: sophomore Ashley Guillard
  • Business and Marketing: senior Journey Scott
  • Personal Finance: senior Trystan Labrasseur
  • Sports Medicine:  senior Jocelyn Fritzler
  • CTE Directors Award- Sports Medicine: junior Kylie Foutch
  • Flight/Space Automation and Robotics: freshman Ryan Stokes
  • Family Health: freshmen Tiffany Tran and Cora Turner
  • Manufacturing Technology: freshman Logan Chriscaden
  • Digital Design: McKenzie McLeod
  • Computer Applications: freshman Jack Stephens
  • Engineering: freshman Jordan Cantu