Moon Signs: Why we act the way we do

Everyone knows about astrology signs, but does anyone know what moon signs mean?


Julia Pinheiro de Oliviera, Copy Editor

Moon signs are where the moon was placed when a person was born. They determine emotions and influence how people act according to their own. It messes with the subconscious of humans. Even if people don’t believe in astrology, it can still be fun to learn about these things. Do you want to know more about your moon sign and see how it relates to your sun sign? Keep reading to find out!


Aries moon: opinionated, decisive, combative

Taurus moon: delicate, thoughtful, controlling

Gemini moon: incentive-seeking, malicious, affectionate

Cancer moon: sensitive, temperamental, instinctive

Leo moon: bold, ruler, egotistical

Virgo moon: cerebral, inattentive, analytical

Libra moon: balanced, graceful, occasionally bad-tempered

Scorpio moon: passionate, truthful, dramatic

Sagittarius moon: wise, audacious, committed

Capricorn moon: motivated, lonely, giving

Aquarius moon: independent, confident, capricious

Pisces moon: inspired, warmhearted, caring