Loser’s list of okay activities

A list, made by a loser, of decent alternatives to prom


Logan Smith

Not Going With the Flow: These ten objects represent the ideas in the list. In the world outside, thousands of teenagers are either preparing for prom or preparing for an awesome night in. “I’m going to the movies,” junior Amirah Moodie said. There are many reasons to not go to prom, one being grade. “The fact that I’m only in eleventh grade it would like ruin the experience for when I try to go for senior year. It’s super expensive too,” she said.

Logan Smith, Arts and entertainment editor

10.)  Create your own prom

Create your own prom, just like in the movies! Except instead of a dance floor, you’ll probably be heading to McDonald’s. There you can eat cheap cuisine and meet the VIP guests! You, and yourself. Don’t bother trying to get a Flurry, as the machine is broken down and crying, because no-one asked it to prom.


9.)  Do homework or study

As long as you have nothing better to do, might as well get a head start on school, so that your days can be filled with more nothing… maybe you’ll get some free time to do nothing with… that’s how free time works, right?


8.)  Eat

Eating, while not an exactly healthy way to pass the time, can not only fill the void in your stomach but also your heart. Can’t focus on how lonely you are when your stuffing your face! This is a good one to pair with one of the many other suggestions we have on our list.


7.)  Play video games

This is one that both introverts and “too-cool-for-social-events” types can enjoy. You can either heed the appreciation of your teammates as you carry them in Fortnite, or play your favorite RPG and find companionship. Or just play Mario because your prom date was in another castle.


6.)  Go to the Movies

Seriously. Go see Avengers: Infinity War,  Deadpool 2, Super Troopers 2, or any movie in the theater because any of it will be better than prom or your original plan of going to bed early. Who needs a good amount of sleep? But whatever you do, don’t see Rampage, you don’t need another reminder of the rampaging sadness enveloping you. Just kidding- The Rock is great.

5.) Binge Watch Your Favorite Show

A cheaper alternative (gotta save money for when robot companions are made) and there’s more on Netflix than the movies anyway! Netflix and chill by yourself. Unless you count the pizza pockets and pillows. Then it’s a party of three! Just remember to use protection (napkins).


4.) Go On a Walk

Pretty much a polar opposite to suggestion number 8. Go take a trek around the neighborhood. If you’re lucky, you’ll avoid any awkward conversations with your neighbors, if you have any. Maybe you can stop at a gas station and get some snacks for when you go back home and cry yourself to sleep.


3.) Go Bowling

A real classic. Sadly, where we live the real adventure will be finding a bowling alley. The plus side to bowling alone is you can’t lose, and the real positive here is that your mood can’t fall in the gutter if the boundaries are up! Get some nachos and just throw heavy balls at wooden pins! A truly sophisticated form of entertainment.


2.) Community Service

They say that helping others can warm the heart, which you might need… or perhaps you just want to. That being said, you do need 45 community service hours in order to graduate and trust me, you don’t want another year. It just means another prom that you won’t go to.


1.) Play On Your Phone and Chill Out

Be like your parents and live vicariously through others; only you actually know how Snapchat works. Or just go on Youtube and watch funny videos, whatever makes you content. At the end of the day, you do you, boo.


0.) Make Your Own Plan

Not much to be said here, except what I already said, all I can do is give you inspiration. I have absolutely zero control over you, I’m just a lonely voice on a page.