Faces In The Hall: Meet your fellow viking

Senior Cara Lewis takes the art world by storm


Photo credits to Cara Lewis

LSHS student left starstruck: Senior Cara Lewis receives honor of presenting her work to hometown celebrity, Chris Pratt. After winning local art contest, Lewis attended the opening ceremony of the Dan Pratt Memorial Center. “This guy pulled [my art] out for me to give it to [Chris Pratt] and he took it and he was like ‘you did that?! She did that?!’ and he held it up for everyone and he was like “she did that!’ and he was freaking out like a little kid, it was awesome,” Lewis says.

Marin Nielsen, Staff Reporter & Design Editor


Here at LSHS, we have a large population of incredibly talented individuals whether that talent is musical, athletic or intellectual. Among those few is senior Cara Lewis, who has an affinity for singing and art.

Since her coloring book days as a child, Lewis has loved drawing and animation, which she has taught herself to do until recently. She is now enrolled in the Sno Isle program for animation and is making her dream a reality. “If I’m not doing art I’m usually watching videos and studying it and how to use programs I don’t know how to use yet,” Lewis said.

After high school she hopes to attend AIE, Academy of Interactive Entertainment, in Seattle in order to become an animator and possibly animate for Marvel someday. However, dreams don’t come true without their caveats. Lewis is contemplating attending college for seven years in order to get her degree to become an animator.

In addition to animating, Lewis is also constantly drawing and even painting on her bedroom walls. She claims to love drawing people though it is admittedly difficult. “It’s just really hard to capture the human essence, like with their body, because everyone is shaped different and then everyone moves different,” said Lewis.

This last summer, Lewis entered a portrait of Chris Pratt into an art contest hosted by the Lake Stevens Boys and Girls Club and was among the 20 winners. In addition to this honor, Lewis was also asked to present her portrait to Chris Pratt himself at the unveiling of the new Dan Pratt Memorial Center within the Boys and Girls Club. “Everyone always asks me how he smells though. That’s the number one thing they ask,” Lewis said after meeting the Lake Stevens High School alum.

However, art is not Lewis’s only passion. After being in choir for four years, Lewis continues to sing and is now part of a small band which is in the process of recording. In addition to singing, she also writes her own music and plays ukulele and a bit of piano. Though her main focus is on animating in her future, Lewis is looking for opportunities to carry on with her singing through high school and on to college.

When she isn’t singing, painting or drawing, Lewis finds joy in playing video games such as Skyrim, Fallout and admittedly: Minecraft; and also watching her favorite shows: The Walking Dead, Stranger Things and animated cartoon Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.