Oh M.A.M, What a great club

Starting off the year with the Minority Awareness Movement club to move towards more equality.


Kani White

Brainstorming fun ideas for the club. Sophomore, Jordan Jackson is taking notes as to what the members of the club what to do this year. The Minority Awareness Movement club was in the process of wanting to go to a museum in Seattle that glorifies the strong independent and inspirational people of color. “Learning about other people in history who are doing what we are trying to do now, makes this so much more worth it,” senior Ana Newman said.

Kani White, Photographer

Diversity, a word that we tend to ignore here at the high school. With the size of  our school is, the amount of diversity we possess is outstanding. A great way to recognize diversity is a new club here, The Minority Awareness Moment, a.k.a M.A.M, has been running since Mid-September and is run by senior President, Yasmine Boyland, senior-Secretary, Lauryn Brown and sophomore Vice President, Jordan Jackson.

“I personally wanted a change to start happening before I left LSHS, and I already see the school transitioning into a more welcoming and accepting place. So although all the issues aren’t solved, I’m happy we got the ball rolling,” Brown said.

I had the honor of attending their meeting on October 4 and, right off the bat, the mood when I entered the room was welcoming, energetic and a fun environment. There was music playing, conversations occurring all around the room. As the meeting went on, one topic that really caught my attention was the fact that the group has the honor of running the MLK Assembly. When this idea was brought up, the amount of joy that filled the room was absolutely contagious.

Going off of a more serious topic, the school board also announced they were going to hold a more formal meeting for M.A.M, where selected students from the group have the ability to put in their own words of how they get treated at school because of their skin color. The amount of passion these students possess about their own club is truly inspiring.

“I believe this group is used so people feel accepted, it was started so people could share their stories and didn’t feel so much as an outcast,” Newman said.

She proceeds to talk about how welcoming this club is. She also mentions that with joining this club she has made numerous new friends.

By the end of the meeting, I recognized the amount of leadership within this group truly blows my mind, and the fact they have so much fight in them to make this school a better place warms my heart. Anyone and everyone should feel welcome to come to the meetings. The Minority Awareness Movement is an inspirational club that has the potential to change the climate of the high school.