Were you allowed to say that in front of the whole school?

It’s an improv type of thing to say

Mackenzie Heggie, Staff Reporter

We all love and enjoy our school assemblies. We love the themes, the performances and all the jokes. But, it brings up the question: How they can remember every word in the scripts? Hours of practice. During this school year there have been a few assemblies where kids have been called out, made fun of, or been ripped apart by some comments and jokes in the assembly. The jokes and comments about specific kids are unnecessary and rude.
Well, according to some of the Lake Stevens students who participate in the assemblies, most jokes are made up beforehand. But, sometimes things get added in on the spot. Although the scripts are cleared and memorized, improvisation is used very often by the performers.

“This was my first assembly, most of the jokes are put into the scripts, but on the spot we sometimes think of funnier things to say,” junior Jade Guillory said.

This is good to a certain extent, but people need to think about what they are going to say. Students have to be very careful with what they say and do in front of the student body. Comments made to the student body aren’t easily forgotten and the person making the joke doesn’t know how the people targeted by the jokes will react.

“Most of the jokes are planned out but a few slip out on accident. We make the scripts, and Pearson approves them. He then takes anything out that sounds too sexual or is mean. We are pretty good at keeping things out that we are supposed to, but there are times when things slip. Most are planned out, but some things are added in the moment that Leadership did not come up with,” junior Nick Pena said.

The assemblies have so much time invested in them and we hate to see them ruined by making offensive jokes that may not only affect one individual, but multiple. Looking into the future, I hope to see a difference with the way assemblies are handled and performed because attacking individuals can affect them long term and hurt them more than we may know.