Pros and cons of prom

Is prom really worth all the hype?


Destiny Otusanya, Staff Reporter

Prom is something everyone knows about and is seen as an iconic dance and a right of passage to all teenagers. The real question is, is it really worth all the hype it gets? To some it seems like a dance of a lifetime, but to others it may be seen as an over exaggerated dance that cost you way too much money. Here are some benefits and disadvantages of prom.

1) Experience a night full of fun with your senior friends for the last time.
Dance the night away with your friends as you just sit back and relax for one night.
2) Take photos for a momento.
They usually always have photo booths at the prom with some props, so you can easily take some silly photos with your friends..
3) Time to treat yourself and get dressed up.
Prom (and dances in general) give teenagers the perfect excuse to go out and get their hair and nails done and dress up in their best tuxes and dresses.
4) Make long lasting memories with friends.
The time is now! You will never get this time back so go out there and make memories that you will never forget and enjoy teenage youth.
5) It’s usually in a nice venue.
Schools usually go all out for prom and set up a fancy venue at a nice space so that students can have a better experience at the dance. It’s preferable and makes the night even more special.

Tickets can be expensive.
A lot of students think the tickets are more expensive compared to other dances. It really adds up especially for seniors who are trying to save money for college.
2) Not as big of a deal as people make it out to be
Everyone pictures prom as the perfect dance on the perfect night, but in reality for some it isn’t necessarily that big of a deal. It can be fun, but you won’t miss out much if you don’t decide to go.
3) May not have a date
May not necessarily be a bad thing, but some people let the fact they don’t have a date ruin the night.
4) Dinner before and activities after = more $
Prom expenses can really add up when you add the cost of clothing, the ticket, a meal, and other activities to the equation.

All in all, it depends on the person on whether or not they want to go to prom. Some people don’t go to prom and decide to go out to another place with their friends, so there are other ways people can go have a good time. Prom is hyped up, but let’s remember that it is just a dance and that it isn’t the end of the world if you don’t go.

That being said make sure to leave high school with no regrets, so if you do want to have the full put maybe pricey experience prom is definitely one of those events you don’t want to miss. Seniors, especially, go out and make some memories with your friends because after we all graduate things will never be the same, and people will spiral in all different directions, so make the most of the present.