Faces in the Hall: Staff Edition

Learn more about your kitchen staff


LSHS Valhalla recognizes the hardworking kitchen staff that provide students and other staff with meals during the school day.

Destiny Otusanya , Staff Reporter

 At Lake Stevens High School there are a lot of staff members that help make our school great. A lot of people see staff members around the school everyday, but never really take the time to appreciate and thank them for all that they do.  Our kitchen staff is a prime example because they take the time to make sure students get lunch everyday to help us keep up our energy . Let’s get to know our Kitchen Staff!

Some of the kitchen staff members have been working at our school for quite some time and love it here.

“ I have worked at Lake Stevens High School for seven  years,” Lisa Riecks said.

Many decided to come to work in the school food service because they love kids and like the environment at our school. Some of their kids also went through the Lake Stevens School District, so it was a great way for them to get involved in the community.

A lot of the staff members believe that it’s important that students get a well-balanced lunch.

“A happy meal means a happy kid,” Michele Thomas said.

They try their best to make sure as many students as possible get a well needed lunch to keep them going for the rest of the day. I know many students greatly appreciate all of their hard work.

To get to know the kitchen staff better, I asked some of them about which place they would visit so they could try their cuisine.

“I would have to choose Italy,” Reicks said.

Other staff members chose places like France as well, but it’s cool to see their perspective on which places they would visit to try their cuisine. Some staff members couldn’t choose because there were so many places with good food. All fun aside, the kitchen staff is very important and deserves some recognition for all that they do.

So the next time you’re in line, don’t forget to thank our kitchen staff for all their hard work!