What is Galentine’s day?

How to celebrate girls day

Destiny Otusanya, Staff Reporter

It’s that time of the year that all girls love! February 13th,also known as Galentine’s Day,is an unofficial holiday that many girls celebrate each year. Galentine’s Day is a holiday Amy Poehler’s character Leslie Knope created on the show Parks and Recreation. It’s like Valentine’s Day except instead of spending time with your significant other, you spend it with all your best girlfriends. On the show, Leslie and a bunch of her closest friends went out to brunch and had a great girls day, so here are a few ways you could make your Galentine’s great this year:

1.Go out to breakfast with your friends: Make sure to treat yourself and go out and eat a ton of breakfast foods at your favorite spot with your closest friends. Indulge in all the waffles and frittatas you want!

2.Make Galentine’s Day gifts: Make the day special by making some heart-felt gifts for your friends and exchanging them later in the day. It could be a handwritten letter or a DIY arts and crafts project

3.Party Time- Plan a Galentine’s Day themed party based off the show Parks and Recreation and invite your girlfriends over to join in on the festivities. Just a fun way to spend time with friends!

4.Bake treats- There’s nothing better then baking some sweets with some of your closest friends. Make some yummy cupcakes or whatever your heart desires.

There are so many fun ways girls can celebrate on February 13th, so plan for your girl day and make the day count!