Faces in the hall: Get to know your fellow Vikings

Learn more about your fellow Viking Zach Piper

Destiny Otusanya, Staff Reporter

There are a lot of students that go to our school, that seem to go unnoticed. At LSHS there is a wide variety of talented young students that thrive in what they pursue. It doesn’t matter if it’s for sports, the arts, or just being an overall kind person and luckily our school is fortunate enough to have such a good overall bunch of students.

 A prime example of an amazing person that might go unnoticed at our school would be a young boy named Zach Piper, who is a sophomore this year.

Everywhere he goes it seems he brings people in with his friendly personality.

“Zach is hilarious and loves talking to people,” teacher Megan Britton said.

 It seems that anywhere Zach goes, he knows how to start a conversation and make strong connections with people he is getting to know.

 Not only does he have a nice personality, but he has some talents.

“He is really good at mental math,” teacher Halline Troalini said.

 He is said to be able to solve math really quickly in his head, so in a way he can be seen as a math wizard.

 One hobby of Zach’s is listening to music and, due to that, he has developed another talent. Since he listens to music a lot, he has gained the unique talent of being able to know almost any song. It’s pretty neat and that only makes him more unique. If Zach could be described in three  words it would be “friendly, funny, and energetic,” Britton said.

Zach is an overall great student and kid. He is always kind and the people around him can’t wait to see how he grows over his years here at LSHS.