Head to head rivalry faculty vs students

Annual student faculty game is almost here

Destiny Otusanya, Staff Reporter

The time has come for the annual student vs faculty basketball game. The game is tomorrow. To properly prepare for the challenge students have been trying to find the best of the best to compete on our student team.

    Students want to make a dream team that will for sure beat the staff this year.

“I would like to see Noah Wallace and Derek Myers on the court,” senior Taylor Olson said.

  Each student has differing opinions on who they would like to see play in the game, but there are many eligible students that would do great on the team and make the game enjoyable. Who we put on the team this year can make or break our chances to win this year. We also have to think about who can take the heat against some staff members that are really good at the game like Mahler who was fire on the court last year.

   Many students are hoping to see some of their favorite teachers on the court.

      “I hope to see Hayman and Billingsley,” senior Alana Munoz said.

   Some of the staff have pretty good basketball skills, so it will be interesting to see how they do on the court. That’s why many students are hoping to see some unexpected teachers out there next week.

  Every year we usually have a close game because that’s what  happens with two really good teams. We as the students have to make sure we have a team that can take the heat which is why we need to form the greatest dream team we have. We can’t see into the future, so I guess we will see what happens on the court!