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Would it be more beneficial for our parents to be more involved?

Samantha Jones, Features editor

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Our parents are some of the most influential role models in our lives. We are who we are because of the way our parents bring us up, whether it’s religion, political views or the most of it education.

My parents, for example, have always been involved since the beginning. I remember back in elementary school, my mom would sit me down at the dining room table and sit there for hours doing homework packets with me, so I would have the work done by the end of the week.

Although, with less parental involvement, we as kids can learn how to live on our own without having to worry about anything.

“I think gradually as kids get older, you allow them to do more things on their own, so when they graduate they can live on their own with no problem,” Suzan Horn, math teacher at LSHS, said.

As kids get older, is there less parent involvement?

In my opinion, mostly yes. There are parents in this school and during our generation who believe that once we reach the ripe age of 18, we’re on our own. We pay for our own phone bills, buy our clothes and open savings accounts to start our own fund for college.
“My parents used to help me with all our homework, go to PTA meetings and now they just don’t care and let us do our own thing.” said senior Ashlee Usher.

This is high school, we are at the gateway to the start of our future, and honestly no matter what we say, we teens need all the help we can get.

As we plan for our future with college and jobs and moving out, our parents are the top role models we can go to with no worry.

Our parents have experienced more, lived more, gotten to see the world and have their own stories to tell of what to do and what not to do. I think parent involvement can point us on to the right path and teach us to not stray.

It’s beneficial for students to get help from parents, especially in our teen years where we are more influenced than at any other age.

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Would it be more beneficial for our parents to be more involved?