The end of a hard fought season

A look on the season ending football loss

     “Lake to state” has been the football season motto for many years, and this year, we nearly made it. After being undefeated for the season, the team did not expect to lose in the quarterfinals game in Vancouver.

     In a disappointing game against Skyview High School, the team was defeated with a loss of 35 to 14. It was a hard night for the players and the fans who had traveled three hours for the game.

     Many turnovers and over 5 interceptions were made, contributing to the loss. “Some players were nervous,” senior Dylan Hutchinson said. Due to the nervousness, players were unable to access their full potential and the three hour bus ride also took a toll on the players.

     Fans and players were heartbroken post-game, the seniors more than others, since it was the seniors last high school game ever. Players cried on the field, and fans did too in the stands.

     “A lot of the seniors were crying but they realized we had a good season,” sophomore Brock Widmann said. Even though it was a hard loss after an undefeated season, there was still a good feeling in the air, that all of the players had tried their hardest and we still had a phenomenal season.

     Even though the season resulted in a loss, the school remained proud to be Vikings and proud of their team.