Baby got backhand

LSHS girls tennis takes the advantage and heads back to the courts


Maddy Duffy

Backhand Smash: Lake Stevens High School welcomes back their spring sports. The girl’s tennis team played against Mariner High School, taking the overall win. “As of now, the varsity team is taking a total of 4 wins so far, and we hope to gather more,” senior Shealyn Haack said.

Our Lady Vikings stepped onto the courts, competing against their first opponents, Overlake High School, with 1 win and 6 losses. These girls got their first game jitters out, leading their next game against Monroe High School in a 5-2 win overall. Dominating the courts, these girls continue to move side to side, smacking that ball in hopes they continue to take more wins.

Jeff Leer, the varsity girls tennis coach, has been a part of coaching these ladies for many years.

“Prior to COVID we had won the district title two years in a row, and in my opinion would have done so during COVID years as well,” Leer said.

These girls will be competing against their ultimate “rivals”, as their coach would say, on April 21 against Jackson High School.

“Jackson has always been our biggest competitor. Their ability to communicate on the court along with being able to control how hard they hit the ball, really surprises our team,” senior Emily Justus said.

Justus has been playing tennis for the past two years and is currently playing singles on the courts. Jackson will be the team’s hardest competitors with the highest overall record in the WESCO team; 4-1.

“It is so much fun! Especially when you play doubles and you and your partner have chemistry when you play together,” senior Shealyn Haack said.

Haack has been playing her entire high school career and has gotten the opportunity to watch the team grow as a whole, leading this team to achieve four total wins.

The spring season sports are starting to take a turn back to normal, after the two year COVID interruption, sports are finally picking it back up. Vaccines are not required to participate back in the sports, allowing everyone to try out.

Most teams during the COVID years didn’t have as many players try out or even their regular players come back due to the virus. However this year, with the virus cooling down, this allows all players to come back and play.

“They are extremely fun to be around and seem to be having fun this year. This is the first step in the rebuilding process. Once they get hooked, it’s on!” Leer said.