Real life preparedness classes benefit students in Lake Stevens High School

Classes like personal finance or living on your own can benefit students’ futures in the real world



Senior Kasey Flemming works on a project in Art 1. Flemming learned many art skills throughout the semester to be a creative artist.

Students take a variety of courses during high school, and student opinion varies in terms of how useful particular coursework is for their futures. In terms of direct connection to the students’ futures, there are a number of classes that students should take in order to be more prepared for the upcoming years in the real world.

Taking a class like Living On Your Own prepares a young adult for the upcoming years. 

¨Living On Your Own comes with many benefits. Students learn to be more responsible for their actions and the upcoming decisions they make in the future,” senior Darya Demyanyuk said.

A short semester long class of Living On Your Own can guide many students  toward adulthood. Students will learn how to stay healthy, keep safe, set up and organize their homes, follow recipes and learn other practical knowledge.

¨I think all seniors should take at least one class to help prepare for their future because it teaches a lot about how to get through adult life,¨ senior Kasey Flemming said. 

Although Living On Your Own is highly recommended, there are other high school classes that would be extremely beneficial like Personal Finance. Every student should consider taking Personal Finance to cover the basics of being an adult. 

¨Taking Personal Finance last year has taught me to do taxes which is a huge benefit for the real world,¨ Flemming said. 

Saving and learning how to control spending isn’t as easy as it may seem. Classes like history, math or science are clearly important, but a class like those mentioned above may be more beneficial to students. One class isn’t necessarily better than the other; although, Personal Finance would be a more highly recommended class given the important skills taught and learned. 

¨Personal finance seems to be the most beneficial because students get to learn the difficult parts in life,¨ Emma Saylor said. 

There are many more options other than just personal finance and living on your own. Classes like culinary and any art classes can definitely impact seniors for real life preparedness. Art classes help expand a students’ creativity which can grow into something more in the future.  

Every student at Lake Stevens High School should consider taking at least one real-life preparedness class before graduating to prepare for stepping into the years to come.