Military career plan

High school is coming to an end, and students are faced with many career paths. The military is a great option; head over to your nearest military recruiting office and sign up for a stable future.



Door to belonging: U.S. Army office in Smokey Point, Marysville. Recruiting offices everywhere are always open for anyone interested. “I just joined to do hitter stuff with the homies,” senior future 75th Ranger Soren Joseph said.

A military family is one of the strongest bonds you can make, from the battlefield to the office. You dedicate a lot of time and work to these people. Spending time with your colleagues while your family is on the other side of the country or world is all you’ve got. So you make due with what you have.

Joining the military comes with a variety of benefits. Some benefits include the following: education benefits like free college, advanced and specialized training, travel, guaranteed paychecks and cash bonuses, 30 days annual paid vacation, option of full or part time services, tax free room, board allowances, health and dental care, use of commissary or military exchange stores, special home loans and discounts, unparalleled sense of honor and selfless service, highly sought after skills, and leadership and training experience. All these benefits are very helpful throughout life and can get you very far if you use them wisely.

“I’m not really in it for the benefits, but it definitely is a bonus to have free college and housing and all that,” senior future 75th Ranger Soren Joseph said.

Debt: When you grow up throughout life debt is really easy to build up. College after high school is a big source of debt in a lot of people’s lives, but while in the military they focus on financially stable families and debt-free futures. When the families and military personnel are happy then they will receive better work ethics and better workflow.

“I think joining the military after high school provides students with much more opportunity and financial stability than college does as you will come out with a GI Bill and debt free,” Joseph said.

In the military, there are so many options you can take and also get qualifications for the outside world. You can be anything from a welder, cook, infantryman to a medical worker.

“There are a lot of jobs that you can qualify for. And even if you don’t stay in the military for like 20 years to retirement…The skills you’ll pick up will get you a really good well paying job in the ‘real world’ but yeah, it definitely sets you up for success,” senior and future Marine Ashtyn Marshall said.

Although it is true that the military is a large commitment, it is one that comes with success and valuable life connections. The familiarity of a community will provide motivation and set you up for many achievements.