Free college in the US would relieve financial stress for students

Heavy stress from financial issues related to going to college causes push for free college


Cassius Peterson

College tuition: Worried students are stressed about the large tuition that is required to go to college. “Looking into colleges just stresses me out due to the large tuitions,” senior Addison Douglas said.

Modern students have heard the tales of people never being able to pay off their student loans, and how college prices have risen dramatically in recent years. Hearing about all of this financial trouble, many students have strong opinions about this issue. Some students are going as far as choosing to avoid college altogether in an effort to avoid the financial strain of student loans. Due to this, many students are coming together with the opinion that colleges should be free non-private colleges.

Many states already have forms of programs that pay college tuition for some individuals and in doing so have offered skills and education for potential future workers. A federal system that provides free college for students would result in a larger growth in the skilled workforce and would provide a boost to the economy as a whole.

Along with economic growth, having a system in place federally would ease many students who are stressed about going to college. It is very common to hear stories about the prices of colleges and the effects it can have on certain people, and in many circumstances, this can lead to heavy stress in students.

“The cost of college really turns many people away from the opportunities going would provide,” senior Addison Douglas said.

Although not much progress has been made towards a federal system of free college, the issue has been brought out into the limelight more and more in recent years.

Although there are no current plans for full free college tuition, many individuals are starting out small and passing laws that would lead to an overall free federal college system. The common first milestone that people who have set their sights on is the first two years being free. With the first two years being free, it would encourage many students to pursue further education and have time to prepare for the financial burden of years after that.

Recently, a bill was proposed by President Biden that included a plan to offer two years of tuition-free community college to all students. Although this bill had to be dropped for the moment, President Biden still plans on continuing to fight for the ability of students to get higher education without the financial burden that now comes with college.

The proposal of possible systems for a federal free college system possibly becoming reality gives hope to students that it could become law soon.

“Having a bill like that proposed has made me believe that free college could one day be possible,” Douglas said.