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Bryant Butler

Choosing high school classes: A guide for underclassmen

One’s high school journey involves making important decisions, especially when it comes to selecting classes. Whether you’re a sophomore navigating high school for the first time or a junior refining your schedule, the classes you choose can significantly impact your academic path and future opportunities. Let’s explore some of the most recommended classes by fellow seniors.

Personal Finance:
This class is highly recommended for its practicality in preparing for financial independence and handling real-world situations like taxes.
“Personal Finance teaches you about how to be smart with money, teaches you how to do your taxes, and a lot more regarding dealing with finances,” senior Tanner Woll said.

Creative Writing:
This English elective provides a platform for self-expression and honing communication skills. Creative Writing is an enjoyable and enriching experience for many students.
“Creative writing is such an interesting class to be in. If you’re into writing then it’s really an enjoyable experience, you do lots of different types of writing assignments, like screenplays and poems, especially if you get Mrs. Marks as your teacher,” senior Elena Buck said.

With its engaging nature and problem-solving aspects, Forensics appeals to students interested in investigative work and analytical thinking.
“Forensics is really interesting and engaging… it’s also really fun,” senior Esteban Sedano said.

French or German:
Learning a new language offers unique opportunities for cultural understanding and communication skills, making classes like French or German valuable choices.
“French class is great because Bailey is very welcoming, class is mainly games that you do in French, and then a lot of days where you just eat food,” senior Tyler Tewell said.

AP courses:
AP classes provide rigorous yet rewarding experiences with college-level curriculum and a focus on critical thinking skills beneficial for future academic endeavors.
“Mr. Billingsley is an amazing teacher and the class has great college credit options, plus it’s not very hard even though it’s an AP class,” senior Mark Schildt said.

Art classes:
Art classes foster creativity, self-expression, and a sense of community, making them enjoyable and enriching experiences for students.
“It is so fun and you don’t have to be Picasso to do it!” senior Bronwyn Balmori said.

Career Exploration:
Classes like Career Exploration provide valuable insights into different career paths, aiding students in self-discovery and future career planning.
“Career Choices helps out a lot, leading you up to graduate for senior year (like helping with your High School and Beyond Plan) and helps you get ready for the real world when you’re an adult,” senior Esther Gardner said.

Physical Education and Team Sports:
Participating in physical education and team sports promotes physical fitness, teamwork, and camaraderie, contributing to overall well-being and social development.
“In choir, even if you don’t know how to sing, we will teach you… everyone is welcome,” senior Hunter Brown said.

Remember! Keep in mind that schedules can’t be changed past Feb. 22, until right before the new school year begins. Choose wisely! If students are unsure then consult teachers, counselors, or upperclassmen for guidance in selecting classes.

Embrace the opportunities ahead, explore new interests and make the most of the journey through high school.

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