LSHS boasts competitive FCCLA chapter members

FCCLA provides opportunities for members to pursue topics of interest in the family consumer science realm


Courtesy of Briana Busse

Presentation ready: Junior Amelia Vasquez and senior Miguel Cervantes present a project outline, accompanied by a speech at LSHS. LSHS recently hosted a regional star event with nine schools in attendance.

Most recently, LSHS hosted a regional competition on Jan. 21. Here, fifty-five members from across nine different schools competed for the chance to advance to a state level competition. Members who scored Gold (100-90) were able to continue forward while members who received Silver (89-80) or Bronze (<79) took feedback from judges and worked to improve their project presentation. 

STAR events offer an opportunity for students to be recognized for “proficiency and achievement” (FCCLA)  in chapter and individual projects, leadership skills, and career preparation. Members compete first at a regional level, before possibly advancing to state and national competitions. Most presentations consist of a digital portfolio and an accompanying speech walking through their process. Projects are scrutinized using a rubric and are not compared against each other. 

The project topics vary; under the umbrella of family consumer sciences, projects can range from focusing on sustainability and future career preparation to different types of community service actions. For instance, a recent project focused specifically on sustainability in culinary classes at LSHS. 

“We implemented food waste bins in culinary classrooms. With that, we have helped to eliminate food waste in culinary classrooms,” junior, State Secretary and State Vice President of Finance, Molly Rose Bates said. 

Bates explained that the contents of the waste bins would be emptied and donated to local Lake Stevens farms on a bi-weekly schedule. Working closely with CTE classes and building partnerships with teachers is imperative to ensure long term projects continue to be implemented even after the FCCLA member has moved forward onto another. 

Leading the way, Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) has been active at Lake Stevens High school prior to its official name change to FCCLA in 1999.  Studying, collaborating and presenting on topics that they are passionate about, members frequently compete in Students Taking Action with Recognition (STAR) events on district, state and national level. 

Not a school class or considered a club, FCCLA districts are divided up into chapters and face unique challenges when receiving funding. FCCLA often receives funding both from the CTE department and through their own fundraising efforts. FCCLA projects aren’t considered extracurricular activities due to how closely they work with the school. 

“We’re inter-curricular because we work inside CTE classes,” Bates said. 

FCCLA as an organization will continue supporting student growth, and continue impacting communities similar to those impacts seen here in Lake Stevens. Chapter members continue building meaningful relationships with faculty at the high school, while competing in STAR events that benefit our school and our community.