Lake Stevens High School Drama Club presents Clue

The LSHS Drama Club brings mystery and comedy to the stage on April 21, 22, 23, 28, 29, and 30 with their production of Clue.


Graphic courtesy of Drama Club

Spring play: Promotion for Lake Stevens high school’s production of Clue is in full swing as show dates are rapidly approaching. The game Clue was first released in 1949 and was patented by British musician Anthony Pratt based on the parlor game called Murder. “Clue is a mystery of whodunnit. six guests arrive at a mansion, all holding secrets from one another. Will secrets bring out the best in them, or will it take a turn for the worst? Come find out in a night of fun, intrigue, and sleuthing, where you too can find out who should be put behind bars,” senior Haley Tabor said.

Clue, the play, is based on the movie inspired by the classic board game and follows 6 guests as they maneuver through a dinner party colored with murder and mystery.

The show will be performed at Lake Stevens High school with adult tickets costing $16, tickets for students with ASB $11, students without ASB $14, and tickets for children $7. Tickets must be purchased online at and will not be sold at the door.

Clue follows 6 quests anonymously invited to the secluded mansion Hill House, where guests are threatened with blackmail—and when a murder takes place when the lights flicker out—a killer amongst them.

Junior Hermione Andrei Padua has been involved in school theater since seventh grade and is working to manage and make props for the actors.

“Clue is a comedic mystery where everyone is a suspect, and the culprit might not be as obvious as it seems; but you’re sure to have fun playing detective along with the characters,” Andrei Padua said.

The performing cast is composed of all seniors: Haley Tabor plays the role of Mrs. Peacock; Austin Kime plays Mr. Green; Savannah Anderson plays Miss Scarlett; Ghett Hardwick plays Colonel Mustard; Holly Hooper plays Mrs. White; Gregory Ward plays Professor Plum; Leila Prevost plays Miss Scarlet, and Cristian Cabral Rios plays Wadsworth, the butler.

“We have all of our lines memorized and are doing the whole show with props, sound, lights and costumes. The show is pretty much set; we are just doing final touches and tweaking out the kinks,” senior Haley Tabor said.

The cast and crew have been working for months to translate the thrilling mystery of Clue to the stage and audience, and anticipate impressing their audiences.

“Our biggest accomplishment so far within the show is how is figuring out how we were going to do some ‘stage magic’ and we found a way to do it,” senior Austin Kime said.

Audiences can expect to be wrapped up in frenzied distrust as characters attempt to preserve themselves and find the murderer in their midst.