Lake Stevens establishes new shopping and dining opportunities along Highway 9

Additions include Costco Wholesale and Lake Stevens Landing


Courtesy of Jeremy Williams

Making progress: The Lake Stevens Costco opens. Construction on the 170,000 square foot warehouse and its 30 gas pumps started back in early August. “I think it’s a great addition that is being implemented off the highway,” senior Ryan Giuliacci said.

Lake Stevens has begun expanding, incorporating new businesses in previously undeveloped areas of the city. Despite struggles with permits, along with both excited and upset residents, city officials believe that new shopping opportunities are what the city of Lake Stevens needs. Council representatives expressed that dollars staying in Lake Stevens is important; the money that was previously spent in surrounding cities will now stimulate the local economy of Lake Stevens.

 “We need it, not enough stuff [is] in Lake Stevens,” senior Andrew Vangorder said.

Off of Soper Hill Rd., Lake Stevens’ newest shopping and dining plaza comes to life- Lake Stevens Landing. While having about a dozen commercial lots available, the only confirmed business thus far is an AM/PM on the corner near Highway 9 

The newly developed area has retail, restaurant and commercial spaces available. The lack of confirmed restaurants hasn’t stopped people’s imaginations though. Panera Bread, Chick-fil-a, Chipotle, Panda Express, Trader Joe’s, and Starbucks are all rumored to have plans on filling the new development. As the buildings are constructed, it’s expected for the landing to be filled by mid-2023. 

“I think it’s a great addition that is being implemented off the highway,” senior Ryan Giuliacci said. 

On the opposite side of Soper Hill Road, comes the addition of Lake Stevens’ second Everett Clinic, due to open in the coming weeks. Despite appearing smaller, and being less than two miles from the existing Lake Stevens Everett Clinic, this location will be more convenient for the thousands of people who call north Lake Stevens home, as well as being closer for those living in south Marysville and the unincorporated community of Getchell.  

“I think that it is cool, but it won’t really affect me,” senior Braeden Baker said.

Less than four miles away, towards the city’s southern limit, the City of Lake Stevens approved the building of a Costco Wholesale; more than four years after being first proposed. This lengthy setback was due to many people opposing the permits. There were concerns of how construction might affect the marshland that was in place of the proposed used land. Community members voiced worry about how stormwater would react around the new building, as the land was previously a place for the water to collect and absorb into the earth. 

However, throughout the entire process, Costco was able to obtain all minimum requirement permits from the city of Lake Stevens and the Public Utilities Department (PUD). While Costco opened earlier this month, that doesn’t mean construction is over. 

Public records show that Puget Sound Energy has pulled permits to renovate a large portion of the city’s previously sufficient gas pipelines. Citing that the four-inch diameter pipeline along Vernon Road will not be sufficient long term with the addition of the large Costco, there are plans for the replacement of the obsolete gas lines in May or June of 2023 with a line that is double in size. It is unclear whether or not this application has been approved yet by the PUD. 

Given the many new opportunities, there will be traffic troubles to take into consideration.  Because of the many new homes being added onto Soper Hill, The intersection going off Soper Hill onto Highway 9 is causing many troubles for the residents of the area. So, to deal with the situation they are adding a brand new Mini roundabout leading into the new Soper Hill plaza, AM/PM, and Highway 9 to keep the traffic flowing. With all being said, the new Costco, Everett Clinic, and blank slate of Stevens Landing leaves many people excited for what is to come.