ASB Executive Officers draft plans for upcoming school year

Student voters elect a new council board


Nathaly Fallas

Creative campaigns: Juniors Mackenzie Conniff (left) and Lucie Grimes (right) post promotional posters around the school. ASB officer candidates worked hard to stand out from their competition.

March 10, Sophomores and Juniors attended the campaign speeches of ASB Officer candidates in the gymnasium. These speeches allowed students to narrow their vote for who they wanted to represent the school. Votes were counted, and the elected ASB executive officers for the 2023-24 school year are juniors Chloe Nelson as President, Max Hill as Vice President, Miracle Ohiri as Secretary, and Lucie Grimes as Public Relations Officer. The treasurer position remains unfilled. 


The Associate Student Body (ASB) Council is an elected group of students who work together to regulate clubs, organize school events, and make changes to the community revolving around student voices. They serve as the bridge between staff and students, tending to the calls and concerns of each. 

“I don’t want anyone in this school to feel like a shadow in the wind,” junior and ASB secretary-elect Miracle Ohiri said. 

Members have drafted plans for the next year, involving events to promote school spirit, increase student engagement and create an inclusive environment. 


The newly elected body brainstormed projects for when they take office, from raising clothing and school supply drives for Lake Stevens School District students in need to implementing a suggestion box where students can make their voices heard. 

“I want to listen to the issues people have and improve on them,” junior and ASB president-elect Chloe Nelson said.

Student input is necessary when determining areas for improvement, as they know better than anyone else how a school serves its body. 


After considering many peer opinions, Ohiri plans to lower the ticket prices for homecoming and prom. School dances are a staple in the American high school experience, but students have expressed a hesitancy to attend them due to the cost.

“[The dances] are pretty fun, but the tickets are way too overpriced for the few hours we’re there,” sophomore Kylie Morgan said. 

 Cutting down the price of school dance tickets widens its availability to more students. This project embodies the main purpose of an ASB executive council: to enhance the overall student experience in school. Setting examples for the rest of the student body, the council plays a crucial role in shaping the school’s culture and promoting a sense of community across the campus. 


Much is to be expected of the ASB Council next year. From organizing exciting events and initiatives to advocating for community needs and interests, the new ASB executive Council is dedicated to making the 2023-24 school year a memorable and fulfilling experience for everyone.