Executive ASB Progress Report

The executive president, vice president, and secretary/ treasurer share their accomplishments and plans for the school year

IMPORTANT: All of ASBs accomplishments are displayed in the graphic. All of the information has been provided entirely by Kamden Ith and Lance Dimaboyoa. As of right now, I would say that were doing a pretty good job, senior Kamden Ith said.

Conan Rinehardt

IMPORTANT: All of ASB’s accomplishments are displayed in the graphic. All of the information has been provided entirely by Kamden Ith and Lance Dimaboyoa. “As of right now, I would say that we’re doing a pretty good job,” senior Kamden Ith said.

ASB meets every two weeks to make plans for the school year and plan fun activities for students. New challenges met ASB this year with the goal of accomplishing virtual assemblies. 

It’s no secret that senior ASB President Kamden Ith hasn’t been as extroverted as the past executive presidents, but behind the scenes Ith is actually accomplishing a lot. Senior Vice President Lance Dimabayoa is focusing a lot on student involvement and making students feel comfortable in the school through various events with the involvement of seniors Camden Anderson and Reagan Delgado.

Challenges facing ASB:

With the obvious return after nearly two years away from school, the executive ASB has had some difficulties. One of the biggest is virtual assemblies. 

“We didn’t really know what we were gonna do or like, since we can’t have an in-person assembly, so what are we going to do? We had to sit down and brainstorm. And we made a plan and executed it,” Ith said.

ASB produced and edited the assembly videos entirely on their own, which was one of the hardest parts about the assemblies.

“I feel like what is holding me back is basically time and the fact that I have to put my vice president duties over my campaign promises, you know, because I had to get it done. I feel like, when I was not the vice president, I felt like ASB people were lazy, not doing anything and stuff. But once I got into ASB as a senator and as the vice president, we have a lot to do,” Dimabayoa said.

Secretary/ Treasurer Delgado mentioned the difficulties of returning from COVID this year.

“I feel like this year, it’s been really weird to go back from COVID, just because we’re used to being online. And so it’s like, wow, we’re here, we can do things. And so I just wish that like, or if next year, I’d probably just like to get things going sooner, probably,” Delgado said.

Campaign promises

Throughout all of the officers’ campaign videos sent to your email during the last election some promises were made. Below is a Q&A with both Ith and Dimaboyoa about their campaign promises.

How will student participation be increased? 

“We’re really focusing on utilizing the Superfan app. So whether that’s getting points, granted from attending games, whether that’s scavenger hunts, redeeming prizes, stuff like that, we´re hoping that hopefully we can have something for everyone and doing a lot of… we’ve realized that a lot of tournaments and contents are what kind of what get people to engage,” Ith said.

How will you test the waters with new ideas?

“I have these big projects that I have to put on. And I can share two of those with you. Those are my personal favorites. One of them is the district-wide spirit week. That’s what I want to get done. And it’s basically a spirit week where… elementary school, middle school, high school, Cav, everyone dresses for the same spirit days. So then, when people are part of a family, right, and maybe you’ll have a senior with a middle schooler, and he’ll be like, Hey, why are you dressed up? Right? You guys can dress up together and go to school. Okay, awesome. And then the other one was when I had the idea of going back to other schools, like if I went back to LSMS, or Cav.  And I, my first idea was to just go around and just hand out Viking merch. And you know how when the band came back, and like the high school introduced themselves to the Cav, I kind of want to do something like that, but more fun. But I also realized that we have a mascot costume. So I’m going to try and wear the mascot costume and cause chaos and hilariousness like a cat or something… it’s one of my goals that I wanted to do,” Ith said.

Kamden wants to make this more of a tradition with the hopes of making a more inviting environment for the younger generations of students excited for the school year. Whether this is possible or not with COVID restrictions is unknown as of now. 

How are you listening to peers?

What we’re gonna do eventually is we’re going to open up a table [during lunch] where people can come and ask questions of what we’re doing, where people can put an input. And like, I think we should do this soon. And it’s what we’re gonna do after homecoming week is just get this done, and like, get people’s input, because it’s super important. “It’s also good to get feedback to know what we’re doing right,” said Ith.

Where is the “group of students to target shy and alone people”? 

“But the big thing that I haven’t accomplished yet is basically executing the group that I promised. And that is because before this year started, Mr. Merrifield, told me that I need to change my plans, because my plan is…approach all the quiet people…neurodivergent people who are left out, but he informed me that there are people with sensory… issues, and people might not, you know, like, basic, I know what I’m trying to say. So yeah, I’m basically trying to improve it and make another plan and present it to Mr. Merrifield.”

That new plan is unknown as of right now. Many students including yourself are probably most likely wanting to know that plan and Dimabayao has been very busy with club management, so you should expect for him to execute something after the club fair.

Where is the Website showing the progress of ASB? 

“It has not been released yet. But I’ll do that after the club fair,” Dimabayao said. 

The website is on its way and will help students see what ASB is doing for Lake Stevens High School from the power of your Chromebook. 

What should you be expecting from ASB as a student?

“I don’t really know because it’s kind of scary being in this position that I’m in because I don’t really know what people’s expectations are. People don’t know what to expect either. What I want, though, is I want them to feel welcomed into this high school. I want them like part of a community essentially, as long as they feel like theyŕe part of something that I think I did my job,” said Ith. 

As stated before Dimabayao plans to get a lot of his agenda completed after the club fair which took place October 29.