A long wait ends

After two and a half months, bathrooms finally appear to be open.


Aidyn Marshall

They’re back: It’s been quite a long time since we had access to the restrooms around school and now they are officially back. After their closing, there was outrage by students not agreeing that they should be closed. “I didn’t realize they were going to be closed for this long all just to prove a point,” sophomore Elijah Ferreira said.

Since their original closing in October, January has come and gone, and the time has also come where our school’s bathroom closure is a problem of the past. But real quick let’s look at how we got here.

Starting back at the end of August when most schools in the United States were opening back up to full capacity amidst the Covid-19 pandemic came the infamous trend on Tiktok. The devious lick trend challenged students to steal different items from their schools and post them on TikTok. As soon as our schools opened, this trend took over within the first full week.

It mostly occurred in the bathrooms all over campus, prompting the administrators to close all bathrooms except for the first floor in the East Hall and the one near the cafeteria, which was only open during the three lunches.

“The trend was funny for like the first couple days, but then it just started to get ridiculous the more it went on,” senior Aiden Williams said.

We are in high school and these people who participated in this trend acted like they were in middle school all for a few likes on TikTok. It’s most certainly not a good idea to post a crime you commit onto an app where you can be easily identified.

It appears that as of right now most of the bathrooms are open with staff members still patrolling around the area during passing periods. But we, as students, should respect this and not have bathroom privileges taken away from us again because we’re trying to be “trendy”.

The bathroom lockdown seems to have worked so far as we move into the second semester, and no new serious things or “inappropriate” actions are occurring. From a staff perspective this is all good while some students believe that it was just unnecessary.

“I understand the point they’re trying to make, but it really is kinda stupid and unfair to everyone else who has to suffer from this,” sophomore Elijah Ferreira said.

Currently, the bathrooms in the East Hall are open on all three floors, the one near the cafeteria is still only open during the three lunches. The one across the hall from the band and weightroom still remains close as of right now.

Hopefully in the foreseeable future, all bathrooms will be open at all times just like it was before this crazy mess began.