Senior Assassin

For only $15 any member of the Class of 2022 could be a part of the Senior Assassin games.


Hunt or be hunted: Multiple seniors participate in senior assassin and eliminate their targets. This non-school-related event has had seniors looking over their backs whenever they leave their house. “I’m just glad with the eventful high school experience we had we can still do this,” senior Mateo Castillo said.

Senior Assassin has been a long-standing tradition for the Senior Class. Entry into the game provides participants with a target on a weekly basis and you hunt them down and shoot them with a Nerf gun.

To make things easier for people, they can have one partner to help seek their target. All of this information and all updates on the game can all be found on the Instagram page “@lshs.senior.assassins22”.

“I started the game and account this year because it was getting later in the year and seemed like no one was going to start it, so I was like, I might as well just do it now,” senior Mateo Castillo said.

After the initial $15, seniors can spend another $20 if they want to get back in the game after being eliminated. Participants can only buy back one time, and all the money is collected into one pot where the winner will take all.

“My sophomore year when the seniors were talking about the games, it seemed so fun, and I’m glad we were able to do it this year, “ senior Josie Bitnes said.

The Class of 2022 has waited a long time to participate in these games, and so far, people have had fun going after their targets.

“When the game first started, I had a lot of fun since I had to be careful where to go since I didn’t know who was hunting me,” senior Sam Fisher said.

The challenge of finding your target and finding out who has you is a huge one and people are taking advantage of intel. People would offer information for a price trying to give people an edge up on people, which made people change their strategies.

This year’s game has had its ups and downs and sometimes creates a stalemate for a couple of weeks. The game seems to be back on the fast track, especially with weekly purge nights every Friday 8-12. Purge night is an event where you can eliminate anyone even if they are not your target.
Most of these updates have come thanks to a new addition to the Senior Assassin team senior Ella Burt.

“I felt that I would be good at the organizational aspect to take the weight off of Mateo and also to keep it fun and transparent for everyone playing… I decided I could do more for everyone if I took part in running it, “ Burt said.