A quick season

Despite strict regulations, Lake Stevens athletes successfully completed fall sports

It was cool to have a senior season of football. But all in all, I wish I wouldve done it differently. Jay Roughton (12)

Courtesy of Creative Commons

“It was cool to have a senior season of football. But all in all, I wish I would’ve done it differently.” Jay Roughton (12)

With fall sports starting on February 22, they quickly came to an end. LSHS fall sports included football, girl’s soccer, volleyball, boys tennis, cross country, and girl’s swim and dive.
This sports season was definitely different from the others. Having to wear masks while playing, no spectators, and not to mention only a month-long season.
“Our season was really sudden. Coaches had been giving us workouts to do throughout Covid, but not everybody would do those workouts. Then one day we got a text that said we were gonna start having in-person conditioning sessions. With those starting up, the season went full swing. Masks were worn the entire time which sucked, but we got a season which was cool. A few weeks later the first actual practice started, and we put on helmets and the week later put on pads. Having games was really fun and getting to have fans for our senior night was even better,” football player senior Jay Roughton said.
Despite all the setbacks and specific requirements for participation, the Lake Stevens High School athletes were more than excited to have a sports season.
Because of Covid-19, there were strict regulations put in place in order for this to happen. Such regulations include adhering to Governor Inslee’s Covid-19 requirements, following the health department guidelines by wearing face coverings, and protecting the athletes and coaches from coronavirus at all costs. Since Washington State was in Phase 2 during fall sports, they had to follow a rigorous plan.
“There shall be no spectators at games and competitions until such time as spectators are allowed for sporting activities and athletics under the Healthy Washington Plan” according to the Covid-19 Sporting Activities Guidelines.
Even with the severe guidelines that needed to be followed, all fall sports had successful seasons.
Girls volleyball performed extremely well this season despite any setbacks. They went undefeated with an overall record of 9-0.
The football team’s conference record was 5-0, concluding a successful season for them.
Girl’s soccer had a record of 7-1-1. The team had a tough season; however, they managed to still have a victorious season.
Unfortunately, there is no record of girls swim and dive, boys tennis, or cross country (why not?)

“It was pretty fun to get out at least and be able to play tennis with the guys again,” senior Ethan Hoglund said. He also admires his team and is “overall super proud of the guys and our team for how well they played this year and how much they developed as players.”
Regardless of the restrictions and setbacks, all of the Lake Stevens athletes worked as a team and had amazing seasons.