The semester quickly ends with finals

Some simple ways to prepare for big tests and finals


Kieran Diezi

The great minds of LSHS! Volunteer Sharilyn Lippmann helps students study for finals in the Learning Commons. “[For students who want a good grade], just stay on top of their work and go through all their notes, keep all their notes,” junior Dayna Devlin.

Kieran Diezi, Arts & Entertainment Editor

The end of a semester always means the beginning of finals. With big tests on their way, students need ways to get good grades on their tests to pass their classes. So what do students do to study for their finals? And what are ways that you can prepare yourself for finals?

“I usually make flashcards for myself or a lot of the times I just skim over what materials I’m going to need for the test; otherwise, I don’t have anything else except for finishing assignments that I missed or anything that I need to catch up on, so I know exactly what’s going to be on the test,” sophomore Maren Hammer said.

What are some of the best suggestions for students to do when they want a good grade on the test? There’s always many strategies that students use to learn and study for upcoming tests, but what do fellow students suggest would be the best for a test?

“I usually get a packet or review some of the main assignments for the test,” sophomore Grace Davis said. “You could do a Quizlet as well.”

But during the test, we may have moments where our minds are blank. There are of course ways to combat that, such as trying to focus on something else. But what about students during the test? What can they do? What is the best way to reach beyond the barrier to focus on the test and not stress out by the overflow of information?

“Probably just think about it as just a test. Oh it’s just a test, you’ll do well on it. Just try to be well prepared,” junior Dayna Devlin said.

Now with some good study tips, everyone should have a fair chance with finals. Good luck, LSHS!