Their Game is cold

Viking athletics prepare to weather the cold


Provided by Creative Commons

Corsen Siconolfi, Section Editor

As the cold comes in, Lake Stevens athletics do as well. after a great fall season of sports, winter begins. For the boys at Lake Stevens, that means basketball, swimming and wrestling. 

Boys basketball held tryouts the November 18-20. Last year, they ended with a record of 9-12. For this team, it’s about ending with a winning record. “We could move the ball better. Our assists are lower compared than any other team in the league,” senior player Deshawn McFerrrin said. 

Boys Swim and Dive also begins during the winter. The team has been solid in the past years and expects this year to be no different. However, the team believes that there could be more school involvement at the meets. 

“We should work on getting more people from the school to come to meets. A big part of it is having support from your school. If people knew more about it they would see its lots of fun, and you get involved in the races,” senior diver Christian Pawlak said.

Wrestling at Lake Stevens has plenty of history behind it, with an exceptional team each year. For this team, there are strong bonds between all the wrestlers, and this season is about improving that team culture and work ethic between one another.

“Last year it felt like we didn’t wanna win as much and were not as hardworking, so we are trying to change that and be a harder working team,” senior Elijah Schmitt said.

Viking Superfans, be sure to go and watch the many games and matches that will take place during the winter season.