Self-Expression in art and entertainment

Students find many ways to express their likes and dislikes through art and entertainment. From bands, to art, to music, and dance, students make it work.


Selah DeLong

Students express themselves in many different ways. One that stands out the most in our school is the decorative artwork made by students to keep the beauty of LSHS during construction. It’s a unique way that expresses the creativity of students here.

Kieran Diezi , Section Editor

Students of Lake Stevens fill their lives with the daily grind of school and extracurricular activities. But when it comes down to it, they are still full of personality that drives away the monotony of the campus. There’s always something fun going on. Whether it be from one student to a whole group, they show creativity in many different ways.

“Flute music is an art,” sophomore Daniel Wegemann said, “The flute sometimes has pieces I play that can be very simple; other times they can be complex and fast paced. So it’s pretty much just variety of music that I can play and learn.”

Most of the time, students can express themselves quite freely except for the social norms that hold back teenagers. 

The ability to share personalities and common interests among our friends and family is what helps to build relationships. Sharing what we love most allows for the school as a community to grow and improve, making LSHS a more colorful place to be.

“I really like to do art. I listen to music, I sing,” sophomore Piper Tregoning said, “I just get to express my creative visions in them.”

Although Wegemann and Tregoning both have similar and different hobbies, they express them in different ways. It shows how students at LSHS may like similar things; it’s their way of participating and enjoying hobbies are different in many ways.