Gym classes make or break students

What are the students opinions on gym? Especially for the final credit.

Kieran Diezi, Section editor

For students in LSHS, we constantly search for better ways to get the credits we need for graduation. Especially as a senior. One class we can’t really skip out on is gym. But what do students feel about their gym classes really?


“We usually spend a unit on a certain sport, so far we’ve had flag football, soccer and stuff like that. Occasionally we do circuits,” sophomore Veronica Dees said, a student in Competitive Sports.


Most classes spend time on specific sports or units. Typically they involve some sort of physical activity, as gym is supposed to do. But all of the classes are different.


“We do yoga, we go to the weight room on Tuesdays and we run either on Mondays or Wednesdays,” sophomore Amour Cooper says, a student in Aerobics.


These are only two students of the hundreds that are enrolled in a gym class. Both say different things. Each gym class is a completely different class for the most part unlike Cavelero where classes all did the same thing except for the differences in grade level.


“Yeah, I personally find yoga boring, so it’s not my favorite class,” Cooper goes on to say.


Some may find it boring. Some may find it fun. Gym classes are a 50-50 most of the time. You may like some of the units, and you may dislike the rest. Even with so many different sports going on over a single semester, you can’t like them all.


“There’s one thing I’d change if I could. One circuit is based on the time you get and it’s a very low time, it’s 24 minutes and some students can’t get that,” Dees said.


The circuit times and many other times are set by the Common Core standards we follow today in most classes, new and improved education. But a lot of time, these Common Core standards are set and not always achievable. As Dees says, some people can’t always complete it in the set time.