Lake to State

All fall sports teams at Lake Stevens High School make it to State bracket this year.


Lake to State: Lake Stevens High School makes it to state with all of its fall sports teams. School Spirit is high, as “Lake to State” shirts were sold at The Cove to support their athletes at their state competitions. “Just being able to send everybody to State, and you look at it in a way the Lake Stevens is on the front of newspapers all the time for sports and stuff like that, but it’s such a great accomplishment for the coaches and athletes alike,” Associate Principal Athletic Director, Jason Pearson said.

Talen Anderson, Staff Reporter

The fall season of 2019 is one to remember at Lake Stevens High School, as everyone of its fall sports made their way to their State competitions: Girls Cross Country, Girls Swimming, Boys Tennis, Volleyball, Girls Soccer, and Football ground their way to State.

The girls team for Lake Stevens Cross Country sprinted their way to the top as they attended their State competition. Even though the girls didn’t place first at State, they did run their hardest, and earned their place in the top ten at State.

“I’m very satisfied with how the team performed. We all did so good, and I’m so proud of everybody. We went into State seated at twelfth and finished at ninth,” senior Abby Hill said.

The girls Swim Team at Lake Stevens High School also made a splash this year, as they too made it to their State competition. Do to the nature of the sport, the girls had to adapt to last minute adjustments, but they handled these obstacles perfectly in preparation for their State meet.

“Some of the challenges we faced as a team from relays and stuff was we didn’t get the relay cuts until district finals, and our other two relays had to wait to see if they were wild carded or not. So there were some difficulties on the waiting aspect,” senior Cheyenne Kriede said.

The boy tennis team caused a racket this year making their way to State. As the boys Tennis Teams State competition isn’t until the spring, the boys are working hard for victory.

“I play twice a week, private training on weekends, and me and my partner Tyler [Cochran] practice more than once a week, so we just keep grinding in the off season,” junior Ethan Hoglund.

Lake Stevens Volleyball team spiked the competition this year, as they made their way to the top and attended State as well. The girls went into the competition not under the best of circumstances, but they played hard and finished strong.

”Our whole starting line up was pretty much injured going into State, so we all did as much PT as we could before we went, and it was definitely hard playing through that, but we all have each others backs and we just pushed through it,” junior Tatum Smith said.

The girls soccer team scored their goal of making it to State this year together, through hard work and determination. The road to get there was never an easy one as they work hard to truly earn their spot in State this year.

“Within our conference we had some really tough competition, like playing GP we lost once and won one. We just had some really tough competition within our league. Also with a new coaching staff always brings difficulties, and with new people on the team finding the right group of people who start and the right chemistry,” senior Mackenzie Delgado said.

The Lake Stevens High School Football team dominated their way to State this year as well. As the team climbed the latter taking down all who opposed them, they fell short in the quarter finals, but the team never gave up, earning their titles as the Kings of the North.

“It took a lot of hard work. We all worked hard during the off season and the season this year. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to our end goal which was disappointing, but it was still a fun ride,” senior Kasen Kinchen said.

All and all, fall was a great season for Lake Stevens Athletics. With the bar set high by the Fall Sports teams, the school waits in anticipation to watch their beloved winter teams meet that bar or surpass it.