Lake wrestles back on top

After missing out on state titles last year, Lake Stevens High School wrestling team focuses their efforts on making this year one to remember.

Talen anderson, Staff reporter

It’s that time of the year again -the weather gets cold and the gym gets packed. Wrestling season is coming near, and Lake Stevens High school is ready for a great year. With hard practices and a non-stop grind motto, the team gears up in preparations for the season.“We go as hard as we can at practice and try to get as much mat time as possible, and we are gonna be drilling harder at practice. Do lifts, work on technique, and more drilling,” senior Wyatt Hall said.This year is different than most, for the players aren’t just working hard to win their matches, but they are on a mission of redemption to win State for Lake Stevens High School. Last year the team worked hard, but they didn’t some home with a State Title.“All of fall we have been practicing, we been having team runs, working out a lot harder, training harder, eating better, and all around just working harder for this year. One of the main problems of last year was that we had a bad team culture, like people just didn’t want to work, so since last year we have been working hard and trying to change the team culture,” senior Jacob Vincent said.With their minds set on redeeming Lake Stevens’ name on the mats and putting in hard work before and during the season, Lake Stevens High School is ready to give it their all this year. The matches will be tough but Lake will be tougher as they make their way to another state championship.