Construction impacts sports

Sports are struck with obstacles to overcome


The pool being renovated doesn’t look like a pool but soon will by January 2020

Bailey Polkinghorn, Section Editor

We can all agree that the construction has brought some new obstacles to our school, and one thing it’s really impacting is sports. Two sports that seem to be impacted the most this fall are swimming and tennis. Swimming is being impacted by the pool being renovated and tennis is well, a parking lot currently. 

Construction is for the better. Due to a growing population in Lake Stevens and the constant influx of new houses being built up everywhere we really needed a renovation to hold all the new students and benefit future students. In addition, the facilities needed updating to make sure everything is in top working condition.

Renovation at a cost

We are all happy that we will soon be able to move into the new building, but the cost is struggling with facilities being affected and sometimes closed by renovation. 

“The pool is under construction, so we have to get on a bus five times a week to drive all the way down to Everett/ Mukilteo, and two days out of the week we are on another bus going to a swim meet because we can’t have home meets,” junior Sydney Clement at LSHS said.

This is only one of the struggles that the swimmers are faced with. They also “have to rush out of … sixth period to get on a bus,… with all the miles we’ve traveled [by bus] were in like Nebraska by now” junior Sydney Clement said. 

The pool is expected to be open by January 2020 and the tennis courts LSHS athletic director anticipates that one court will be opened up this spring for Varsity tennis to use while the rest of the team will still have to use the Cavalero courts.