Personality Through Art

Talented artist express their insights on art.


Senior Ruby Peterson, Cambyll Luxmore and their tablemates work hard and finish up their art pieces in art class.

Makenna Sanders, Photographer

What makes student art so important? Well, it gives certain people a voice. It allows them to be heard in an artistic way. Art gives very talented individuals a way to express themselves. Some tell a story with their art while others just do it for fun. Creative and driven artists are all around the school, student art can easily go unnoticed. Some artists have been drawing, painting and doing art their whole lives, and they found a love for it. 

People can be so passionate about the things they love, and some of their passion comes from their family members., 

“I’m never gonna let art go away cause it’s my passion,” senior Ruby Peterson said. Her favorite type of art to do is nature and outside pieces because she gets so inspired by flowers and the trees. She loves to express emotions through her art, which makes the meaning behind each piece even more real and powerful. Although in her future she wants to pursue aerospace, she is always going to keep her art alive and is appreciative of her grandma for sharing her love of art with her.  

Some artists do art for fun and are drawn to art easily. 

“There’s many different things you can draw on. It’s very widespread,” senior Zackary Smith said. 

For Smith, art is his newfound talent from just a couple of years ago. Art can be fun! It doesn’t always have to be serious. Which, is what smith’s art portrays. The difference between interesting and original art and weird arts is what kind of art he likes. 

Art is very diverse and pulls different kinds of people together. On one hand, there can be an artist who likes to spread emotion and storytelling through their art. And on the other hand, it can be fun. Having student art highlighted in a school setting can bring out the talent in people and inspire others.