Intro to girls sports

From the field to the water, girls have opportunities during the fall season to get active in swim, volleyball, cross country and soccer.


Makenna Sanders

Samaya Morin, Kennedy Steen, Maddie Lseminger and Kennadee Nelson working hard and doing great at the varsity volleyball game.

Kieran Diezi, Section Editor

The school allows for so much freedom among our fellow students, especially when it comes to after school activities such as sports and clubs. During the fall we allow for Girls to participate in Swimming, Soccer, Cross Country and Volleyball.

Backstrokes of the Century

The sport that takes action in the water. There’s many ways you can swim such as backstroke, butterfly and front stroke.

During practice, the female swimmers do “25s, 4 25s and a set of 75, a set of 5 and different wall runs and kickboards. We usually do for a warmup and then gradually change and went to different stuff like different swim styles.” Sophomore Former swim member Serwa Agyenim-Boateng said.

As for the stress? “And stress, lots of other kids get stressed because every week they can change which swims you do, which freestyle or you do a backstroke or over. And people get like all stressed because of a stroke. Overall it was very nice and very like I don’t know like a nice little community.” Agyenim-Boateng said.

No Train, No Gain

For soccer, it’s not just about kicking a ball into a net. There’s finesse in the way you pass between players to get it to the goal. And of course, with all of the pressure to get it in the net sometimes there is a little stress.

The things that go on in girls’ soccer are simple in words but difficult in practice. “A lot of it is passing patterns, a lot of shooting and finishing because we gotta put the ball in the back of the net if we wanna win, so that’s one of our biggest things” Senior and Varsity member Mackenzie Delgado said.

In response, to talking about the stress Delgado also said, “it’s manageable among your teammates because it’s like obviously you wanna win and you wanna play well and sometimes that just doesn’t happen but you have to rely on your teammates and trust in your team to help.”

Gotta Go Fast!

Running for fun sounds incredulous for most of us, yes? But people who do cross country excel in the different activities they do.

For practice, cross country people begin with a warmup. “We warm up like we do A skip, B skip, and then joeys. And some stretches. And we run three laps before practice” Runner Shelby Farler said. As for practice, Farler said, “We sometimes we do workouts and sometimes we go on a run for like four to six miles or long days are eight miles.”

Meanwhile, nerves must be running before a competition, right? “I’m nervous but I think it’s a good thing to be nervous because that means you care.” It’s always nice knowing that people care about their sports and sometimes nerves can be good.

Over the Net and Beyond

Volleyball requires precision and teamwork. With a ball going over the net you’d be surprised how difficult it is for people to play.

“We run a bunch of drills, one of our main focuses this year is team-bonding, so before practices occasionally we’ll talk about our goals for the week or for the game or what we want to accomplish as a team together. So drills and team-bonding.” JV member Kristen Downey said in response to being asked about the practice. The drills include serving, consistency and communication.

The stress before games isn’t stress? “I wouldn’t say stress, more just nerves. Cause each team is different. There are some that are super hard and there are others that are easier to go against. But for the most part it’s okay how are we going to do this as a team and individually like how are we going to play.” Downey said.