Save the yearbook!

Participation is essential by the student body


Six yearbooks from previous years are pictured above. From the years of 2006, 1999, 2012, 1998, 2014, and the most recent from 2018. The yearbook staff of the year 2018-2019 consists of only 10 people. Without the collaboration of the Journalism and Yearbook class, there would have only been four total people in yearbook. As the years go by, fewer and fewer people sign up for the class. “Without participation by the student body, yearbooks will no longer be available to purchase,” Copy Editor senior Julia Pinheiro de Oliveira said.

Emma Crumley, Copy Editor

The Rune has been a staple for Lake Stevens High School since it was built in 1979. Due to a lack of participation in joining Publishing and Editing and the Yearbook Club, it may no longer exist. To be able to continue the tradition of the “Senior Signing Party” or signatures in the yearbook, there has to be a change in the student body. Students need to participate and sign up for the class if they want to continue having a yearbook at the end of the school year.

“I made a lot of friends in the club, and I’m glad that I took it. I also had a lot of fun spending time with people and getting to know everyone who signed up,” Copy Editor sophomore Nadia Tucey said.

The yearbooks are something that a lot of people like to have at the end the year to be able to get a summary of the entire school year, and to look at pictures of themselves and their friends. Without participation by the students, it will not be available.

People who join get to spend time talking to other students and teachers in the school, making new friends, and covering stories on sports/clubs. They also spend a lot of time taking pictures at events to make sure they live up to previous LSHS yearbooks, and make the yearbook as inclusive and diverse as possible. Consider joining yearbook during your time at the high school, or we will no longer have it as an option to enjoy.