Valentine’s Day: Easy and quick DIY projects

Create an origami paper craft for someone special

Kassie Gruel, Staff Reporter

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In this column, you will get lessons for different DIY projects and activities that will be explained step-by-step. This month we will take a look at some simple origami gifts for your significant other or a loved one for Valentine’s Day. Celebrated on February 14, this is typically a day to show your love towards those you care about. Below are a couple things that are cost effective and easy to make for the special person in your life.


Origami Heart Box-

  1. Start with a half-sheet of paper, the paper can be colored which is recommended.
  2. Fold the half-sheet in half, from the short end to the other end. Also known as hamburger style
  3. Keep the folded crease to the top, and the two loose flaps on the bottom.
  4. Take one of the flaps and fold it upward to meet the folded crease on top, essential folding it in half. Repeat on the other side.
  5. Unfold these flaps down and spread out. Make sure the middle crease(the mountain) is facing up.
  6. Take the middle crease and fold in half to the crease on the left.This is folding the middle crease in half.Repeat step 6 on the other side. You should have five lines now.
  7. Unfold the whole thing and spread out, the middle crease should still be the mountain.
  8. Fold the paper in half lengthwise. Also known as hotdog style.
  9. Unfold and fold one side to the center lengthwise. Repeat on the other side.
  10. Open it up and spread out vertically. It should look like a grid now.
  11. Fold one of the width sides up at the second crease/grid. Flip it over, still vertical.
  12. Take the bottom right corner and fold into a triangle within the intersection(stay within the box). Repeat on the other side.
  13. Unfold and flip over. From here open it up and rotate so the new creases are on top.  
  14. Repeat steps 11, 12, and 13 on this side. Being sure to follow the steps carefully.
  15. Fold the bottom right corner up to the center line creating a triangle. Fold the top right corner to the middle line. Then unfold.
  16. Fold the edges lengthwise to the center line. Keeping the last folds to the right.
  17. Find the center of the paper widthwise, take the top of the sheet and fold up 90 degrees. Here you will see the two diagonal creases right above the center line, that will fold out and down. From here make sure these triangles fold down and pull the top down all the way.
  18. From here you will have the larger diagonal line at the bottom corner of the folded flap, take this and fold it under the folded flap.
  19. Take the triangle or trapezoid shape on the right and fold it reverse, so on top of the folded flap. Take the rectangle shape on the left and fold it over the top of the flap to the center line.
  20. Fold the flap back up along the first grid crease.
  21. Repeat steps 17- 20 on reverse end.
  22. This will create a house shape, leave the loose folded flaps on the top. Take the far side of the shape and fold to the first crease/ line.
  23. Open the bottom of the folded piece, from here fold the bottom crease up. This will create a small triangle on the bottom.
  24. Fold the top corner of this small flap down to meet the line of the bottom triangle. Now you will have a pointed end on the side, so take that and barely fold it. This will create a tiny triangle.
  25. Take the very bottom crease(is at the bottom) and fold it to the center line. Now don’t freak out, there will be a pointed edge after you fold it, this we work on next. But overall we have about half the heart done.
  26. Open the flap, pushing the heart to the left. Take the top left corner, this connects to the heart, but you want the part right behind the actual heart. Take this and fold to the center line.
  27. Now depending on the size of paper used you may be able to then open the loose bottom flap and tuck the top flap into this to secure it. But if you are using a half sheet of printer paper you will have to tape the back to secure it. Fold the paper back to the heart side.
  28. Repeat steps 22-27 on the other side.
  29. DONE! Congrats you made it to the end! From here you should be able to pull the hearts to the side and it will create a box. You can write a little note and put it in the middle, or a little candy. Give this to someone special and see them smile. If this still didn’t make sense check out this link here:


Origami Heart Bookmark-

  1. Start with a piece of square paper, it’s recommended to have a colored piece of paper.
  2. Rotate the square  the square 90 degrees. Essentially making a diamond.
  3. Fold the bottom corner up to meet the top corner, folding it in half and making a triangle.
  4. Unfold and fold the other corners to meet. You should now have an ‘X’ shape. Unfold.
  5. Rotate the paper to be a square again, fold in half upwards. Unfold.
  6. Now fold in half sideways, still in the square layout.
  7. Hold where the crease is on top, still folded. Tuck the top right and left corners inward, using the diagonal lines previously folded. This should give you a triangle shape, with concave sides, meaning they fold inward.
  8. Take the bottom right corner and fold up to the crease corner on top, the edge should line up with the centerline. Do the same to the other side.
  9. Unfold both sides, and take the top corner and fold it down to the bottom edge.
  10. Unfold, and take the bottom flap and fold up. Take the corner and fold it to the center line on both sides.
  11. You should have this rectangular shape on the top now, so fold that down towards the bottom all the way. It should meet the bottom edge.
  12. Take this flap you just folded down, and fold it in half upwards. The edge of the flap should meet the crease above it.
  13. Now on this new flap you should have a middle line that separates the sides. Take the left flap and pull down the loose part, and push the far side down. This will create a folded triangle on the side.
  14. You should have the triangle part on the very left of this flap, now on the bottom right side of the triangle should be an unfolded square. Take the bottom right corner of that square and fold up to meet the edge of the triangle.
  15. You will have pointed end on the bottom of the left side now, take that point an fold up to meet the first crease line.
  16. Repeat steps 13-15
  17. Once these steps are repeated, take the flap as a whole and fold up. Here you should see the heart shape you created on a triangle.
  18. DONE! Congrats, you have completed the heart bookmark. The triangle portion is made to go on the corner of a book. Have fun! If this still didn’t make sense check out this link here:


Thank you so much for checking these tutorials out, stay tune for next month’s issue and more tutorials and DIY projects. Comment if you liked these and if you have anything to recommend. Go VIKINGS!