Sister Act opening night is a hit among the community

Amazing acting fills this Broadway musical as Mendez’s talent truly takes you to Heaven

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Sister Act opening night is a hit among the community

Marin Nielsen, Editor-in-Chief

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After months of hard work and long rehearsals, this year’s fall musical, Sister Act, under the direction of Mindy Marks has finally hit the stage. With the Broadway production’s upbeat, jazzy numbers and comedic plot line, one can’t help but have a blast at this incredible performance.

In this show, leading lady Deloris Van Cartier, portrayed by senior Sophia Mendez, takes The Holy Order of the Little Sisters of Our Mother of Perpetual Faith convent as well as LSHS by storm. Mendez’s magical singing talent is highlighted in this role which she sells with ease. Her approach to comedy throughout the musical is very well handled and had the audience rolling in the pews laughing.

Supporting actors senior Jakob Cody in the role of Eddie Souther, senior Gabriella Cardenas in the role of Nun and Lady of the night, junior Gabriela Soto in the role of Mother Superior and junior Shannon LaVelle in the role of Sister Mary Robert shine on stage as well. Cardenas’ strong dancing skills were highlighted throughout the musical as well as Soto and Cody’s acting chops.

LaVelle’s acting skills were also very strong along with her singing in the musical number “The Life I Never Lead”. Her character development through the show was well portrayed and truly inspirational to the audience.

The three goons: TJ, Joey and Pablo portrayed by freshman Austin Miller, junior Riley Marcacci and junior Zavier Ring also brought hilarity to the musical in their number “Lady in the Long Black Dress”.

Choreographer senior Christina Alldredge shined in this production as well, creating strong dance numbers throughout the production to accompany the funk beats laid down by the pit orchestra directed by Neil Proff.

The pit orchestra played very well throughout the musical and aside from a few  minor mistakes, performed the Broadway numbers amazingly. Through the production there were some intonation issues in both the singing and the music; however, they did not detract from the spectacular performances from LSHS Drama and Band. Moreover, especially in the number “It’s Good to be a Nun”, actors had trouble projecting over the music and their amazingly comedic lyrics often could not be heard.

Overall, this amazing show is truly one for the books. If you haven’t had a chance to see the fall musical, be sure to head to Lake Stevens High School PAC on either Friday, November 17 or Saturday, November 18 at 6:30 pm for an amazing and fun-filled evening.