Reasons behind LSHS parking lot struggles

Renovations and re-construction at LSHS compromised parking lot availability and capacity


Gavin Lucas

After dismissal: Vehicles belonging to students file from multiple directions as they leave school. Construction has downsized the parking lot since the building’s renovations. “It can take up to fifteen minutes or longer to leave after a long school day,” senior Ashlynn Wright.


In 2016, the modernization of LSHS was put to a vote and after years of renovating, students today get to experience the almost complete version of LSHS. However, there is a noticeable lack of order and space when it comes to the student parking lot.

Many students complain of overcrowding and inconvenient traffic on a daily basis. Even with buzz about the commotion the issue has yet to be formally addressed.

LSHS’s Security Marcus Watson greets and observes students arriving and departing from school daily and sees commotion in the parking lot first hand.

“The biggest problem in the morning is drivers going a little too fast in the parking lot and students both driving, and walking, not fully paying attention to their surroundings,” Watson said.

LSHS may have limited ability to physically improve the student parking lot by expanding areas that were downsized during construction, but users of the lot can practice habits that may improve the flow of traffic. Watson suggests being patient and cautious.

In fact, student-led solutions have been modeled by other schools who have had similar conflicts. In 2017 Maine West High School called upon students enrolled in engineering and tech classes to create a solution for congestion in their student parking lot.

“This is a fantastic project to work on,” said Dennis, a Main West High School student who tracked data on the most critical times students were leaving and entering the parking lot, and where congestion patterns were.

At LSHS, students agree that the congestion poses challenges outside of school. Senior Ashlynn Wright confirms that the backup prevents her from getting to other obligations in a timely manner.

“Yes, it makes me have to rush to my car when school is out to try to beat the crowd of traffic,” Wright stated.

Wright also shared the most difficult part about navigating the student parking lot. “People not walking on the sidewalks when school is out, they just walk across the main part of the road in the parking lot which prevents many people from leaving school.”

The set up of our parking lot has two points of access and both are used when leaving and entering for the day. Being observant and understanding may be one solution to the struggle students are facing everyday.
Recently, a cone of separation has been added to the main entrance as a way to guide students. Perhaps more formal announcements may encourage a systematic approach to ensure students are getting in and out safely and at a reasonable time!