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Hello there! My name is Mary Wadner and I’m a senior at Lake Stevens High School. I am also a section editor at the Lake Stevens High School Valhalla! I hope to contribute my passion for writing as part of the staff of the Lake Stevens High School Valhalla. I love writing and using words to express myself, so I want to bring that enthusiasm to each and every story I publish. I personally love to write, spend time with my kitties, and learn about new things every day when I go to class. 

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Connected: Facetime is a great resource for people to use to communicate with the ones they are unable to see. The list of things Covid-19 effects continues to grow. “I hope everyone does what they have to to keep everyone safe and help us move forward,” Vice Principal Tonya Grinde said.

Long distance Relationships during COVID-19

Long distance relationships take a turn during the pandemic and prove to be harder than predicted.
March 26, 2021
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Distant Fan: The yellow/gold T-shirt represents the Sophomore color. Sophomore year has proven to be more challenging than everyone thought through distance learning. It has been no easy feat for sophomores to navigate high school on an online platform. “Take 
advantage of everything your teacher offers you right now,” Guidance Counselor Amy Wiklund said.

Sophomore Class transitions to the high school during a pandemic

Students attend school without setting foot on a new campus
March 9, 2021
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Mary Wadner