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Hello! My name is Emma Brouqua, I am an identical twin, and I am a senior at Lake Stevens High School. Some of my interests include listening to music, playing the guitar, thrifting, crystals and photography. I also love to hang out with my friends and family (when safe.) After high school, I am looking forward to taking a gap year to build up my photography portfolio even more and to travel if safe. I will take some community college classes and transfer to a university when the time is right. My dream job is to be a concert photographer. I hope to capture the most prime and candid moments for the Viking’s Valhalla. When reading articles you will see pictures of our most memorable times in high school. I am looking forward to committing to this staff role and this unforgettable year.

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Sacred Self-Care: Some people find themselves using crystals as one of the most proactive ways to bring good energy into their life and to clear their mind and body of negative energy. Crystals are used for ancient medicine and have the power to significantly alter your life.

Rise in neo-paganism, wichtok vs. spirituality

People need to educate themselves before they follow trends that tokenize tools and religious practices
June 3, 2021
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Music Talk: People in the music industry create music that touches on difficult topics. Audiences of some music artists found it hard to listen to their music due to some of the themes having the possibility of being glorified.

Romanticization of serious topics in music

It is hard for some to distinguish the difference between self-expression and romanticization
April 16, 2021
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Real-life through television? 
Here we have the billboard for the premiere of the British show Skins, from left to right is Tony (Nicholas Hoult),  Michelle (April Pearson), and Chris (Joe Dempsie.) Skins later went on for another 7 seasons.

Are shows like Skins and Euphoria appropriate for teens?

Older teens do not need sheltering from mature topics
March 22, 2021
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Emma Brouqua